With Student Groups, simply create a student group for each department and upload the first name, last name, and email of each individual in that department only one time. Once a student group is created, easily add that group to any future exams or courses without going through the hassle of adding each individual user to a new, relevant exam or training course.

Whether your organization needs separate trainings for different departments (e.g., sales, accounting, human resources), or you're an educator who has courses or exams to give to different classes--Student Groups can help you organize content and seamlessly administer it to specific user groups.  

Want to find out how to create a student group with CertCentral?
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4-Step Student Group Setup 

  1. After logging in, click "Students" in the blue header at the top of the page.  
  2. Click "Add a Group" and enter your group title. Then click "Add."
  3. Click "Groups" in the left sidebar, and then click "Manage Group" on the right of the group you just created. On the dropdown menu, then click "Assign Students."
  4. Add students to your student group. Invite existing students to a student group by selecting the desired students in the "All Students" window and then arrowing them over to the "Students in this Group" window. Then click the blue "Save" button. To add a new student to a student group, click "Add a Student," enter that student's first name, last name, and email, and then click "Add." Next, click "Manage Group," "Assign Students," and then select that new student in the "All Students" window and arrow him/her over to the "Students in this Group" window. Once you have all the students you would like in your group, click the blue "Save" button. 
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