Q: I tried editing a course and an exam that students have already received and started, and am receiving a message that hinders my ability to edit my programs after they have been administered. How do I edit my courses and exams after they are delivered to students? 

A: Once a course or exam has been administered, it should be re-versioned to send out to a new sample of students. This preconfigured setting is intended to ensure the integrity of the data. Put simply, create a copy of the course or exam you would like to edit, edit your program, and then deliver the updated version to students.  

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Three Step Guide

  1. Duplicate Your Program: Click "Actions," and then click "Duplicate" on the course or exam you would like to edit.
  2. Rename Your Program: Click on the title of the copied program and type in a title for the updated version of that program. For example, rename "Fundamentals of Statistics" to "Fundamentals of Statistics Version 2."  Once you have renamed the copied version, click the blue check mark to the right of the title. 
  3. Edit Your Program: If your program is a course, click "Actions," and then click "Edit Course" on the renamed course. If your program is an exam, click "Actions," and then click "Edit Exam" on the renamed Exam. 

Now you are able to edit your course or exam and deliver the updated version to your students! 

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