With certcentral's answer explanation feature, provide feedback to students when they submit the wrong answers, strengthen learning outcomes, and improve the overall quality of your programming.  

Six Steps to Set Up Answer Explanations

  1. After logging in, navigate to "MY PROGRAMS" in the teal header, and click on the program in which you would like to set up answer explanations. 

  2. Click on the test section with which you would like to add answer explanations. Click on either the yes/no, multiple choice, or true/false in the design toolbox.  If questions have already been created for that program, select "click to edit" on the question item of interest.

  3. Click the toggle switch on the left of "Show Answer Explanation." 

  4. Click in the box that appears that says "Explanation” and begin to either (a) type in your answer explanation or (b) copy and paste your answer explanation within that box from an outside source (e.g., a Word document)

  5. Once the test item has a question, a correct answer indicated, and the answer explanation click the teal "Save" button on the bottom right of the question modal. 

  6. Repeat Steps 2-5 to add answer explanations to other or all questions of your training program. 

**Note that answer explanations will appear after students submit their program.  In programs, students will not be able to view answer explanations during a retake.  Students will be able to view answer explanations once the program is fully submitted and no more retakes are available.** 

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