Send students or staff customized completion certificates instantly.

Deliver a custom completion certificate as proof of competence in and compliance with new subject matters and/or procedures. These certificates are automatically generated and sent via email to students or staff that pass their programs. Certificates are sent in a PDF format for easy downloading and printing. Certificates can feature the issuance date, the name of your program, the name of the student, your company logo, your company name, any custom text you wish to add, student-specific data, and a unique certificate ID number. 

Want to find out how to create custom completion certificates for your program?
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Seven Steps to Set Up Your Certificate

  1. Click “MY PROGRAMS” in the teal header, then click on the program of which you would like to set up your custom certificate. 

  2. Under the “Content” tab, click the magenta “+Add Section” button, and then click “Certificate of Completion.” 

  3. Name the “Certificate of Completion” section in the text field. Then, click enter or return on your keyboard. 

  4. Mouse over the “Certificate of Completion” section name created and click “launch editor” 

  5. Drag and drop items from the design toolbox (e.g., image, text, background image, and vertical and horizontal lines) directly into the certificate. 

  6. Add other fields to the certificate (e.g., Program Name, Organization Name, Completion Date, and other student-specific data)

  7. Once you have completed setting up your custom certificate, click the teal “Return to Dashboard” button at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. 

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