Is it required that you place license numbers or other identification information on certificates? Now, automatically generate and deliver certificates with student-specific data. Make each certificate unique without the manual effort.

Six Steps to Put Student-Specific Data on Certificates

  1. After logging in, click "MY PROGRAMS" in the teal header at the top of the page. 

  2. If you would like to configure settings to add student-specific data to a certificate of a program, add a “Collect Data” section to that program of choice. 

  3. Launch the editor for the “Collect Data” section by clicking on the newly created “Collect Data” section and then add a single-line field question from the design toolbox to the editor. 

  4. Type in your question, and then click the teal “Save” button. Add as many single-line field questions as you would like. Note, this is the only question type where responses show up on the certificate. 

  5.  Navigate to the certificate for this program, and click the tiny arrow pointing downward on the right of the phrase “Select a Field To Add” 

  6. The resulting dropdown menu should include the single-line field questions you added in the “Collect data” section. Select the single-line field question you would like to add to the certificate and then click the magenta “Add” button.

Repeat Step 6 until you have all of the student-specific data fields you would like on the certificate. 

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