Weighted scoring allows you the flexibility to weigh certain sections more or less than others within your program. Weighted scoring can be used to design a program with sections of increasing difficulty. For instance, you may want to utilize weighted scoring for a mandatory orientation training. This program may commence with sections on university/organizational resources and history, and later, include more serious content, such as Policies on Drug and Alcohol Use and Responding to Emergencies. It may be more important that students reach competency in these latter sections. Therefore, weighted scoring comes in handy to attribute more point value to the more important components of this program. 

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Eight Steps to Set Up Weighted Scoring 

  1. After building your program, click the “Settings” tab within the program dashboard.

  2. Under the header labelled “Section weighting”, click the green “Show More” text so you can see all of the sections. 

  3. Click the corresponding box that represents the percentage weight for each section. Select the default value in that box, and enter the custom value you would like to attribute to that section. 

  4. Click just right of the box after typing in the custom value you would like for each module. 

  5. If you would like sections other than test sections to be counted toward scoring, click the toggle switch that says “Enable Scoring” which is located to the right of the non-test section you would like to score. When you click the toggle switch, it should now say “Scored.” Next, assign a custom percentage weight to that section. 

  6. If you would like non-test sections to not count toward scoring, click the toggle switch so that for each non-test section the grey “Enable Scoring” text is visible. We recommend that you only have test sections count toward scoring and disable scoring for all other section types. This way, students are only being graded and given a certificate based on their competency to correctly answer comprehension questions in the test sections of your program. 

  7. The “Total” under the “Section weighting” heading should indicate 100% in green font.  If the percentage is above or below 100%, you have attributed too much or too little value to a specific section or several sections.  Revisit those custom values and ensure that the “Total” under the “Section weighting” heading indicates 100%.

  8. Click the teal "Save" button at the bottom of the Settings tab page once you have completed scoring your training program.  

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