Setting a custom passing score (a.k.a minimum passing score) for your programs determines whether or not students receive a certificate.  Students that meet or exceed the minimum passing score pass the program, and receive a certificate.  Students that score below the minimum passing score fail the program, and do not receive a certificate.  

How to Set a Custom Passing Score for Programs

  1. After building your program, click the “Settings” tab within the program dashboard.

  2. Under the “Scoring” header ensure that the toggle switch on the right of “Scored Program” is green and says “Yes” in green text. If the toggle switch is grey and says “No” click the toggle switch so that it says “Yes” in green text.

  3. Below “Scored Program” you should see “Passing Grade”.  In the white box associated with “Passing Grade”, click inside the white box and highlight the default score. Then, type in the custom score you would like as the minimum passing score. 

  4. Click the teal "Save" button at the bottom of the Settings tab page once you have completed scoring your training program.  

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