Looking to keep a hardcopy record of invoices? Now, download invoices of monthly or yearly subscription charges directly from your certcentral account.

Each Invoice includes the following data points:

  • The amount billed

  • certcentral’s contact information

  • A unique invoice number

  • The invoice date of issuance, the billing period, and the due date of the charge

  • The name of the plan with which you have subscribed 

  • The number of included users in your plan, the number of active users in your plan, and the number of overage users if any

Four Steps to Download and Print Invoices 

  1. After logging in, click "Account" in the top right of the header.

  2. On the resulting dropdown menu, click "Billing"

  3. Under the column labeled "Download" click the text "Download" next to the invoice which you would like to open. The new file will then be downloaded and can be opened in a new tab. 

  4. Click "File" and then click "Print" to print your invoice.

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