At certcentral, we centralize the location of all your students' payments to help you keep an organized record.  Instantly know which students payed for which programs and print student receipts fast!

Two Steps to View All Student Payments for Programs

  1. After logging in, navigate to "Account" on the far right of the header.

  2. Click "Payment Transactions" in the resulting dropdown menu.  Here, you can view the following: 

                 - The date of program payment

                 - The student's name

                 - The program title

                 - The amount the student payed

                 - The student's receipt


To Print Student Receipts for Paper-Copy Record

  1. After clicking "Payment Transactions," click "View" under the "Manage" column for the student receipt you would like to print.

  2. Next, click the "Print" button. 

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